On the shocking death of Juliano Mer Khamis, director of Jenin freedom theatre

Murdered Israeli Arab actor Juliano Mer Khamis

During the first intifada, when the Israeli occupation authorities banned education and closed all schools in the West Bank, Juliano’s mother Arna risked her life to smuggle education materials to the refugee camps. It was as a result of the contacts that she made then that she established her children’s centre in Jenin, which eventually developed into the Freedom Theatre. We remember the threats and abuse that she faced at the time. Some reactionaries denounced her as a “Jewish whore”, and the centres were torched. But each time, she rebuilt them; and she never lost her fighting spirit and her commitment to Palestinian liberation and to justice. Juliano paid tribute to Arna’s work in his inspiring film Arna’s Children.We must not allow this appalling crime to divert us from the struggle for justice, to which Juliano, like Arna, dedicated his life.

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