We are a group of Jews resident in the UK who came together in 2007, the 40th year of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, to support the Boycott Israeli Goods (BIG) campaign.

J-BIG has since been active in every area of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign, initiating and supporting actions, petitions, open letters, debates, conferences and lobbying activities aimed at furthering the goal of equality and justice for all in Palestine/Israel.

Since releasing our founding statement in Feb 2007, JBIG has punched far above its weight given our small numbers. Our glossy leaflets and stickers bearing the slogan IT’S KOSHER TO BOYCOTT ISRAELI GOODS. are very popular with Palestine solidarity activists and our banner always attracts attention.

We initiated a high profile challenge to the Charities Advisory Trust over Peace Oil, argued the case for boycott in innumerable letters to media, authorities, trades unions and other organizations and put our message across at many meetings, pickets and rallies.

Members of J-BIG have been interviewed on minority TV and radio stations and had articles and letters published in a range of media.

We work together with any individuals or organisations who share our anti-racist agenda in pursuing the non-violent goals of BDS.

J-BIG is among the constituent organisations of the Boycott Israel Network.