On March 19 the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) became the first UK professional association to take action against Israel for its breaches of international law.

Its council passed a motion, proposed by former RIBA president Angela Brady and backed by Architects and Planners for Justice for Palestinians (APJP), calling on the International Union of Architects to suspend the Israeli association from membership, “until it acts to resist [these] illegal projects, and observes international law”.
Full details can be found in a media statement from the APJP.
It took barely 24 hours for the Zionist apologists at the Jewish Chronicle to wheel out the tired and discredited allegation of anti-semitism. A hysterical leader on March 20 read:
Be in no doubt. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is now officially antisemitic. On Wednesday, it voted to support a ban on Jews from joining the International Union of Architects. It didn’t put it quite like that, of course. The wording of its motion referred to ‘Israelis’ rather than ‘Jews’. But in singling out the Jewish state for opprobrium, over and above every other nation on earth, and in seeking to ban Jews — sorry, Israelis — from membership, the driving force behind both the BDS campaign and its RIBA conspirators is clear. Jew hatred lives on in RIBA.
The Jewish chair of APJP, J-BIG supporter Abe Hayeem, is waiting to see if the JC will publish his letter in reply.
Abe Hayeem chairs Architects and Planners for Justice for Palestinians

Abe Hayeem chairs Architects and Planners for Justice for Palestinians

Follow this link to read his presentation to the RIBA council, explaining in detail the complicity of Israel’s architects in pushing forward the illegal colonisation and settlement of Palestinian land.

Israeli architecture association faces ban from international forum – Guardian






  1. This is really good news. Let us hope that other professional organisations follow RIBA’s courageous example. The pro-Zionist lobby at the JC sound rattled. One wonders how much longer they will carry on making the intelllectually hollow and morally indefensable accusation of antisemitism whenever anyone takes a stand against the relentless process of colonisation of Palestinian land.

  2. What happened to the RIBA boycott ?

    • A good question Harvey, with a depressing answer.
      This is from Abe Hayeem of Architects and Planners for Palestine

      There we have it. It speaks for itself.The RIBA has gone even beyond merely reversing the Council Motion. It has obsequiously declared
      that they got it wrong. This is not only a capitulation to the Israel lobby, it a spit int the eye for professional ethics and
      and brings the whole institute into disrepute. It in fact has done this on a faulty basis regarding the Charity Commission.
      We will not let this stand.

      Riba u-turn over Israel boycott: ‘We got it wrong’

      By Marcus Dysch, December 4, 2014
      Follow Marcus on Twitter
      Riba president Stephen Hodder (Photo: Jamesfranklingresha m)
      British architects have reversed their call for Israeli counterparts to be suspended from an international union.
      The Royal Institute of British Architects (Riba) confirmed the u-turn today when its council adopted a new policy on international affairs.
      The move rescinded a motion which had been passed in March calling for Israelis to be barred from the International Union of Architects (UIA) in response to concerns about Palestinian human rights and Israeli settlement building.
      Riba changed its stance after lawyers warned that such a policy was outside its charitable remit and could lead to Charity Committee censure.
      The boycott is understood to have cost the institute more than £100,000 after Jewish supporters and groups pulled out of bookings to use its prestigious central London headquarters for batmitzvahs and other celebrations.
      Riba president Stephen Hodder admitted: “We got it wrong.”
      But he declined to apologise formally for the upset caused to British Jews.
      Mr Hodder said: “For the Institute to have engaged in this issue in a confrontational way – by seeking suspension of the Israeli Association of United Architects from the UIA – was wrong.”
      The institute accepted that the reputational damage caused by the affair would take years to recover from, but said it wanted to take positive steps to engage in foreign affairs.
      A Riba delegation travelled to Israel two months ago in an attempt to rebuild bridges with architects in the country. International division chair Peter Oborn said he had been warmly received on the trip.
      The boycott motion had proved hugely controversial, with Jewish and pro-Israel architects around the world criticising the decision.

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